Signifying on the World Religions Paradigm: My Introduction to Religion Course

This fall I joined Elizabethtown College as an Assistant Professor of Religious Studies. The department is situated in a comprehensive liberal arts college with historical roots in Church of the ...

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Devices Equal Bad Note-Taking? It’s not that simple!

But we cannot forget that the default mode for schooling (from Early Childhood to HigherEd) is pen and paper...When we talk digital note-taking and other electronic engagement, we must consider ...

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Acting Upon Fear: A Call to Action from Ferguson and Beyond

This is about fear and how humans choose to deal with it. And it's a problem when individuals and institutions and corporations can designate some persons as collateral damage. It's ...

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Seminarium: The Elements of Great Teaching

A space dedicated to discuss the craft and content of teaching in ...


The 411 on the app that transformed my teaching.

Forum for Theological Exploration

Occasional reflections on 21st century Religious Studies scholarship.

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Is Graduate School in the Humanities for You?

A lot of people like the idea of having a graduate degree. Few can imagine themselves actually going to graduate school. But for those thinking about undertaking advanced study, take a serious look at a slightly different proposal: Can you see yourself finishing graduate school?

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Reflections in the Frost: Reading America’s Borderland

After a month in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, I am still baffled by the lack of fenced yards. When living in the Republic of Texas and the California Republic, I would have erected a fence before fixing a leaky roof. But here in the cradle of US freedom, there are not the same privatist hangups. […]

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