When Texts Sell

When Texts Sell

I have never really felt comfortable with the division between teaching and scholarship. The challenges and insights of my students inspire me to research. And my best works are those ...


Featured in CGU’s The Flame

Recently my research was featured in Claremont Graduate University's magazine.

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Glimpses of Alex Haley’s Scriptural ROOTS

During the nation’s bicentennial, a media phenomena captivated the attention of American reading and television audiences. Alex Haley’s award-winning work broached the contested role of black people in the United ...

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Seminarium: The Elements of Great Teaching

A space dedicated to discuss the craft and content of teaching in ...


The 411 on the app that transformed my teaching.
The Fund for Theological Education's Ministry Fellowship is a $5,000 award for seminary students in the first year of a Master of Divinity program. The Ministry Fellowship seeks to bring together a community of emerging, young pastoral leaders from an array of communities and backgrounds across the Christian spectrum. These remarkable young leaders represent voices that cut across lines of race, gender, ethnicity, ability, sexual orientation, denomination and ideology to form a leadership cohort dedicated to a life of service to the church and the world. Fellows use the awards to design and execute a project to enrich their communities.

The Fund for Theological Education

Occasional reflections on 21st century Religious Studies scholarship.

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To Exclude or Not To Exclude: The Politics of the World’s Religions Syllabus

There’s no way of getting around it. Some student will ask me why I don’t cover “X” religion in my survey course. It happens all the time. And I usually tell them how, given our limited time together, we can only cover so many traditions. Unfortunately that will appease most students. But I hope by […]

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What (Not) To Do @SBL/AAR

In 2011, I had the pleasure of serving as Claremont Graduate University’s On-Site Representative for the Society of Biblical Literature. I was the liaison between the university’s members and the guild. For one of our professional development events, we had a pre-Annual Meeting gathering called “What (Not) To Do @SBL/AAR. Dean Tammi Schneider lead us […]

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