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“Gradating” Understanding in the Religious Studies Classroom

The idea is to create an environment where students are encouraged to learn from their mistakes and to get help when they can't figure something out on their own.


Teaching Religion 101 –The Old School and the New School

On August 29, 2014, members of the Society of Biblical Literature and the American Academy of Religion shared tweets on what they had been taught as students and what they are teaching ...


Racism–It’s not for Saturday Morning Cartoons or Sunday School Curricula Anymore!

Yesterday in my Bible and Race in the United States of America class, I asked students how differently they might read the Bible were it introduced with the following disclaimer:

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Seminarium: The Elements of Great Teaching

A space dedicated to discuss the craft and content of teaching in ...


The 411 on the app that transformed my teaching.

Forum for Theological Exploration

Occasional reflections on 21st century Religious Studies scholarship.

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Signifying on the World Religions Paradigm: My Introduction to Religion Course

This fall I joined Elizabethtown College as an Assistant Professor of Religious Studies. The department is situated in a comprehensive liberal arts college with historical roots in Church of the Brethren. Students of all disciplines may take Religious Studies courses in fulfillment of an elective, core curriculum, or degree requirements. The varied intellectual interests of […]

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Devices Equal Bad Note-Taking? It’s not that simple!

But we cannot forget that the default mode for schooling (from Early Childhood to HigherEd) is pen and paper…When we talk digital note-taking and other electronic engagement, we must consider that most students–let alone, teachers– are picking up skills on the fly.

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