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Reads, Misreads, and Religion Statistics

To be clear, I'm not against statistics. We can qualify "religion." We can quantify "religion." But words and numbers represent human relationships (and thus, politics). Religious studies is about striving ...


Watching The Central Park Five @Etowncollege

In 1989, five black and Latino teenagers were arrested and charged with brutally attacking and raping a white female jogger in Central Park. News media swarmed the case, calling them a “wolfpack.”  The five ...


Talking Malcolm, Haley, and Bible at Hamilton College

On February 16, I had the pleasure of thinking aloud at Hamilton College. And a what great place to be! In the morning I guest taught in Brent Rodriguez-Plate’s course, ...

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Wabash Center for Teaching & Learning in Religion & Theology

The Wabash Center is a premier space for professional development for educators ...

Practicum’s Syllabus Project–Signifying Religion

The editors of The Practicum Blog asked me to share my take ...
Exodus God and Kings.image

Film Review of Exodus: God and Kings

My take on Sir Ridley Scott's Exodus story. Featured in LancasterOnline's Faith ...

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Better Loss Next Time: Lessons Learned on Black and White

  I should be good at chess. I’m a big picture guy with an eye for strategy. Problem solving is my wheelhouse. And when it comes to the serious, I play to win.  But for the life of me I cannot win a game. It’s a wonder that I even manage getting second place. Sure, […]

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Reflections on the ISS- Scriptures at Their Root

  The Institute for Signifying Scriptures is an independent research organization focused on investigating the dynamics associated with “scriptures.” The conversation takes serious the category’s development and deployment in Western cultural politics, working to surface the very assumptions that it belays. Founded by Vincent L. Wimbush, the collaborative enterprise  has as its mission the “excavation […]

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How I use Mobile Technology in the Classroom

If you follow me on Twitter, I may have blown up your feed with dispatches from #LancLearns. Lancaster Learns is a seven-college collaborative conference “to promote quality teaching and learning by building capacity for evidence-based pedagogy and learner-centered instruction through collaboration across the institutions of higher education within Lancaster county.” If the description doesn’t get […]

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Identity Cards & Identity Cost–Is it worth it?

Last June was a pretty raucous time for me. I was finishing up my dissertation on the politics of scriptures. I was packing boxes to move from LA to PA. And I was doing a lot of dreaming, not just about what was coming next, but also about what I would be leaving behind. It […]

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Lessons Learned While Blogging the Future

The Back to the Future trilogy is part of my personal canon. I mean who doesn’t love hover boards and Huey Lewis & the News? But for all of its whimsy, it makes a profound statement about human fathoming. The films are a meditation on the paradox that, although “the grass is always greener on […]

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