Religious Studies LLC and The Question of Canon

 Have you ever asked yourself what you need to read to join an academic conversation? The American Academy of Religion has compiled a recommended reading list. The suggestions come from chairs ...

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Mapping Source-Places and the Roots of Religion

Business Insider recently shared a thought-provoking video on the spread of religion around the world. Producer Alex Kuzoian used a spinning globe to map the spread of Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, ...

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Reads, Misreads, and Religion Statistics

To be clear, I'm not against statistics. We can qualify "religion." We can quantify "religion." But words and numbers represent human relationships (and thus, politics). Religious studies is about striving ...

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Wabash Center for Teaching & Learning in Religion & Theology

The Wabash Center is a premier space for professional development for educators ...
"Exodus: God and Kings Struggles to Delivers," Lancaster Online, December26, 2014

Film Review of Exodus: God and Kings

My take on Sir Ridley Scott's Exodus story. Featured in LancasterOnline's Faith ...

Seminarium: The Elements of Great Teaching

A space dedicated to discuss the craft and content of teaching in ...

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Christianity Before and After Charleston

My friend and colleague, Amey Victoria Adkins, served up the commentary on Charleston that I needed to read. “Before I Wake” is live over at Syndicate Theology. It features one of the most vivid accounts of baptism in the Black Church tradition while contextualizing the role of race and Christianity in American life. Here are some […]

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Opening Up the Conversation

Irony is pining for an audience that grows receptive in the moments when you least want to write. America’s racial fault lines are opening spaces for new voices. And at times being asked to fill the prescient void with my reflections seems like a compliment, but more than a few times, I think it a […]

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"Black Baby Jesus at Xavier," image by Mark Gstohl.

REL 321 The Bible and Race in the USA

In the journey to become American, communities necessarily must contend with the Bible and race. Although there’s no hard and fast rule (currently) that dictates this, history has shown the Bible and race to not only be crucial but also interrelated elements in the American experience. This seminar examines the relationship of these two discourses […]

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REL 331 Ethnicity, Gender, and Religion

Traditionally, survey courses in the world’s religions focus on creedal tenets (e.g. the Eightfold Path, the components of dharma, the Ten Commandments, the Five Pillars of Islam). A different picture of religion arises when we survey constructions of ethnicity and gender throughout global history. Students come to notice that while their theologies and traditions may differ, these communities represent cultures of […]

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REL 293 Islam

The Arabic term, Islam, connotes peace and submission. As a religion, Islam describes humanity’s struggle (jihad) to rest in God’s (Allah) peace. The course will explore the sights, sounds, and social sensations that have emerged over the religion’s 1400-year history. Students will reflect on what unites and divides its 1.6 billion followers worldwide. There is no denying that the events of […]

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